Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lil' Blue lost

Today's record high was 107, but I still managed to find some quality time this afternoon riding my '07 Honda Metropolitan 50 cc scooter (I call it Lil' Blue because its royal blue and white) for almost 2 hours along some of the back county roads here in Johnson County between Joshua and Godley. All mostly cattle & horse ranches or middle of nowhere double wide trailer homes and some agroindustrial spots too. This scoot doesn't go more than 35-40 mph, so I don't get on even the busier FM roads and especially not the state highways, traffic is almost non-existent which allows me to take my time and enjoy the ride! I'm just beginning as a scooterist, and I also have a '12 Suzuki Burgman 650 which I call "the Beast", but Lil' Blue is the scoot I am most comfortable on the public streets. (The Beast and I are still getting acquainted and do all of our practicing on the parking lot of the high school for now). Anyway, Lil' Blue and I try to never take the same roads, and stay on the roads that allow for slightly slower traffic, and before too long, I had gone about 10 miles down to the city of Godley. Stopped for a booty break at the city park, for a few minutes in the shade, and then off again back home. Only one close encounter with a dog this trip. He was a medium sized dog that lives on a corner lot and I turned onto one of the side streets at his house only to find it was mostly gravel (never a friend of scoots). He was barking but not sounding threatening, so I raised my face shield and started talking to him to let him know I wasn't afraid, but that I also wasn't going to stick around. As I was turning back around, I heard some rustling along the fence line, and all of a sudden there the dog was on MY side of the fence. I didn't panic, but I didn't stop either. I just kept talking to him as I was accelerating, and then I was gone. I feel a little cooked this evening, but not terribly sunburned. Was glad to get home to ice cold water and AC, but really felt like I had a great time out and about with Lil' Blue! Never a wrong turn is a very good thing! Til next time...:o)

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