Monday, July 16, 2012

I miss my other passions less and less these days...

Not too long ago, before my scoots came to inhabit my world, I was supremely passionate about 2 things...directing and playing in the handbell choir at my church, and all things Tudor dynasty (but specifically ANYTHING regarding Elizabeth I). I have many fiction and non-fiction books on the Tudors and most all movies and TV dramas (Glenda Jackson is hands down the BEST QE I on film!!! Sorry Cate Blanchett!)

But what had previously been able to drown out the Tudors in my brain was the bell choir! I've been the director/player since January '07 and have LOVED every minute of my time helping to develop a beginner-level choir (and I have no serious musical background other than a few years of piano and 3 years of viola, all ending before high school) I've retained the ability to read music, and I know what music I like. That's pretty much my credentials when I started directing. The previous director, who is also the choirmaster and organist, was ready to end the bell choir after I had only been the bell choir a few months. My sister-in-law, who was in a bell choir at her church in Virginia, had gotten me interested in the idea of learning how to ring. I walked into a rehearsal at my church and announced that I was interested in learning, and voila! After about 10 minutes of tutoring me on how to do a basic ring,  I was in like Flynn! I love listening to handbell demo DVD's to preview music for the choir, and I love the ladies (not on purpose, but my choir is all ladies right now...2 sets of grandmothers and their granddaughters and my mom among them!) We have improved in our ringing skills and abilities over the years and now the challenge I face is finding music for us at our current skill level that will keep the girls challenged but not intimidated. I am proud as all get out to have let the girls know we've got our first paying gig!! We'll be ringing at our first wedding in December!! As I'm writing this, I'm getting the bell fevah back a bit more!! :o) The Tudor fevah is next in line!! :o) Till next time...!

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